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Goldie Locke Excel Awards

Stepping Stones to Success: Reaching  ~  Achieving  ~  Excelling
A Component of the NAACP Back To School/Stay In School Program

GOLDIE LOCKE GoldieLockejpgCommunity Leader & Founder of the Garland NAACP
April 30, 1937 – September 13, 2008

Goldie Locke was founding President of the Garland Branch NAACP and a charter member. During her presidency, the Branch filed to Intervene in the Desegregation of Garland ISD Schools with Attorney Edward Cloutman. Garland Independent School District is still governed by the desegregation plans of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the 1970 Civil Court Order, and the 1987 Civil Court Action. As a result of the court orders, the academies of Garland (Hillside, Kimberlin and others) were established. Although all schools were affected, Kimberlin Academy is an excellent example of education improvements which occurred because of the effort of Goldie Locke and other Garland pioneers and leaders.

Goldie birthed the Garland Independent School District’s NAACP EXCEL awards. Her idea was to reach out to the middle school youth who were not being recognized for their efforts in striving to do their best. A formal recognition program was instituted as a result of this “idea.” Until her death, Goldie served as a member of the Multi-Ethnic Committee initiated by the desegregation Court Order. To support the need for the EXCEL Awards Program, Goldie viewed data which proved that the dropout rate for African-American students was higher in middle schools than for other students. After her death, the Garland NAACP renamed this program the “Goldie Locke EXCEL Award.”

Goldie’s service extended beyond the Garland ISD to the City of Garland. During the 70’s Goldie led the fight to change Garland from an at large to a single member district. This made it possible for all citizens to have equal representation. Because of the efforts of Annie Dickson, Dale Long and Dorothy Brooks we now have a community meeting room named in honor of Goldie Locke located in downtown Garland across from City Hall. This room is open to the Citizens of Garland, a city Goldie loved and served.